CTB Committee

The Certified Trade Broker Committee is working with IRTA on an accredited CTB program for both associations.

NATE CTB & Education Committee Members

The National Association of Trade Exchanges is a non-profit organization committed to educating the owners of barter exchanges to train themselves and their employees about the barter industry.  Our association is dedicated to helping independently owned and operated exchanges prosper while upholding a formal standard of ethics and integrity used to maintain federal compliances and regulations.

NATE offers Registered Trade Broker (RTB) and Certified Trade Broker (CTB) training and testing free of charge to NATE members.

Each year the NATE Board of Directors elects one of their Board Members to head the RTB / CTB Committee.

Goals of the CTB Committee:

1. To enhance the barter industry’s primary accreditation program – the Certified Trade Broker (CTB).

2. To work with trade exchange owners to create value for the accreditation and to get their brokers certified.

3.  To promote the CTB designation with brokers to generate candidates for the accreditation.

4. To give the CTB training and testing at the annual NATE conventions.

5. To reward brokers who have passed the CTB testing with recognition.

6. To set up a helpline or similar tool where CTB designees can talk to each other and compare successes, challenges and opportunities.

To learn more about the CTB testing, click here.