Barter Association National Currency - A Trade Exchange for Trade Exchanges

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  • The BANC — a universal reciprocal barter currency with the integrity and stability that is exclusively available to members of The National Association of Trade Exchanges (NATE).
  • A common trade currency allowing barter companies to transact business with each other, without the need to arrange direct reciprocal trade accounts.
  • Website that provides for all of your needs — accounting, marketplace directory and complete worldwide travel section. Email broadcasts advertising new global barter opportunities daily available through BANC Members.
  • You become a global trade exchange! With The BANC, you set up your clients to have access to shop on The BANC and to receive BANC email broadcasts
  • Online transaction authorizations, reports and statements — all at your fingertips
  • Automatic email authorization notification.
  • Imagine — no need to audit, balance and track multiple reciprocal trade accounts. With The BANC, you will only need to balance one account monthly
  • With membership in The BANC, you’ll have trading partners worldwide.
  • Open doors to bigger clients for your trade exchange. With The BANC, you have access to over 50,000 trading partners worldwide to sell to and purchase from — all with barter.
  • A program so cost effective, that you’ll almost pay for it with the postage and phone charges you’ll save each month
  • A credit line (for those who qualify) allowing BANC Members the opportunity to grow their exchanges, from the time their application is approved.
  • Open doors to travel, accommodations, media and products you may have only heard about until now
  • And much more!