About NATE

“I’ll give you some of mine, if you give me some of yours…”

Since time began, Barter has been an honored tradition of assisting with commerce between people and businesses. Although traditional methodologies of trade between people in small communities still exists, the utilization of technology launches Barter Organizations into the 21st century.

Cutting edge technology facilitates NATE members (independently owned barter organizations) throughout North America. This network connects thousands of clients with one another, increasing scope and trade exchangers base for those wishing to barter goods and services from one company with another within the membership base.

Sophisticated computerized “billing” and “debiting” systems assist NATE member clients with the administrative tasks behind combining old and new methodologies of conducting commerce.

There are a multitude of benefits for bartering including: conserving valuable cash flow; increasing exposure in the community or around the globe; expanding purchasing power; and assisting in moving slow or overstocked inventory.

Please visit the directory of NATE members to see which member might be located near you.