IRS Tax Information
February 23, 2011

Dates: Thursday, June 3, 2010 to Saturday, June 5, 2010
Location: New Orleans, LA


The 26th Annual Convention of the National Association of Trade Exchanges

2010 Convention will be held June 3rd-5th in New Orleans, LA

Hosted by Crescent City Trade.

Highlights of Convention Seminars – Owners – Brokers – Sales

IRS & Legal Issues for Barter Exchange Owners

IRS TIN Matching Program, compensate your employees with barter dollars, establish Barter Health Plans for your employees, and handle new start-up barter exchanges in your territory.Social Networking Site Management
How to post your business on social networking sites, use social networking sites for free PR, post your barter offerings on social networking sites, and how & why you need to create different social networking sites for potential members and existing members
How to Get & Broker Alternative Deals
Last minute time-sensitive deals on barter (tickets, travel, & media), the spouse and other the family members to spend barter, debit cards (pre-paid barter cards) for friends, family members & employees , specials and discount offers on barter, bartering personal vacation properties and timeshares and offer one-time deals (boats, cars, furniture, equipment, etc.)
The Barter Industry: Pros & Cons of Today’s Economy
Why 80/20 needs to be 60/40, members who try to charge part cash and part trade, deal with members who have spent their entire credit limit, when to extend credit limits, when to reduce credit limits, and when to remove credit limits, members who try to spend when they are past due with their cash fees, Replenishing members who are out of business, and members with negative barter balances that are not accepting barter business.How to Deal With a Bad Month
New methods for collections, time management – Job tasks that should always be done first when you are short staffed, motivate Brokers without threatening their jobs, shift employee duties to get your best bang for your buck, maintaining, updating & expanding broadcast email and fax databases, monitoring employee Internet usage, and rewrite and review employee duties.
Referrals – The Name of the Game
Share your referral programs, grow your trade exchange with referrals, Sale Representatives: How to get referrals from networking and leads groups, referrals from the members, and thank you calls get more referralsUsing PR To Get Your Business Recognized
How to get free PR and when to pay for PR, writing a press release, promoting your press release, and incorporate your press release with your sales literature.
How To Implement Sales Genie
How to use Sales Genie, search for new businesses, types of businesses, and businesses in specific territories. A great NATE benefit!Many more seminars to help your barter company grow, motivate your staff, and increase your revenue.


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